RenSA – Rental Service Agreement

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You may choose to rent out anything but it is very important to have the terms of the rental specified, it will avoid any conflicts that may occur in future.
RenSA is offered as an enterprise software on both perm and cloud depending upon the choice of the business.
TechnoTree Inc has developed this product for companies to easily customize and fit their specific product need. RENSA – includes a variety of tabs that touch on product details, rental details, type of agreement, the term of agreement, liability, pre and post rental inspection (even attach photos) and many more. It gives the ability for marking your relationship with the customer who rents from you. By this, it can be easily categorized, who stands in your good books.
RenSa product team has made sure, that the product is easy to use and is hustle free; it will save companies the effort of managing paper and multiple software for their renting needs.
Admin managers can access the contact information of their renters and set various reminders such as expiring rental term, or change in a specific term, or adding an addendum to the agreement or leveraging old agreement to draft a new rental agreement.
If this product seems to solve your company’s current challenges, please book a session with us for more details.